This year the Youth Group raised funds. In addition, they initiated an Amici membership

Thanksgiving food drive that resulted in 8 large food baskets each with a frozen turkey

that was donated by local organizations and designated families.

The Youth Group will be delivering the Thanksgiving baskets.

A special thanks goes out to the Amici membership for their generosity in donating food and money

for the occasion. Additionally, we thank the Youth Group for putting the baskets together and

purchasing turkeys with some of the funds they collected this year. 

           A Happy Thanksgiving...

                                            ...from Amici and the Youth Group Members.


        Caroline Fabiano, Marina Uliano, Isabella Luttrell,

        Joey Giamanco,Olivia Uliano, Anthony Giamanco,

        Madison Luttrell,Nicolette Oxley, Juliana Cardeno